Time Raiders Review

Oh gosh, I just have to post this before I forgot.

So ya, following Mystic Nine, Time Raiders is another piece made from the same franchise  (Lost Tomb).


There are actually so many things to review about this movie. Just. My. Thought. Everything is soooo wrong about this movie from the start. So this movie is kinda the first time Wu Xie jumped into grave robbing world (Riiiightt~).

I’m gonna skip the review as much as the movie skips then. So apparently, they greeted Ning Ke for the first time in this movie. The movie includes the character that was missing in The Lost Tomb – Big Kui. But that doesn’t make so much difference anyway.

Zhang Qilin met Wuxie for the first time and surely they talked about a lot of things. Zhang Qilin that normally doesn’t talk much and usually just dozed off during the journey turns into an alcoholic and drinks a lot, while talking about his past. (way to destroy Qilin). Zhang Qilin speaks english with Ning Ke (well, that was surprising, I never thought that Qilin could speak English. but that aside Jing Boran surely speaks good English).

It was sooo disturbing at how easy it is for them to break through the tomb (I thought they were taking a stroll inside a museum~). No traps, everything was so easy, when there are traps, nothing serious, its just a simple traps. Oh right, Wuxie can dance very well, and for a rookie grave robbers, he outwits trap with dance! (if you can dance, you can grave robbing now, its easy! just dance).

When all of them fell inside a trap, Wuxie just happened to be right behind Qilin and Qilin just happened to naturally helped him with the landing (Riiightt~~ Qilin sure got a lot of time to do such unnecessary things). Like come on guys, we know that Qilin has some sort of affection towards Wuxie (refer novel – but not the kind that you probably thinking of right now) but he only acts to protect Wuxie in mainly life threatening event. Wuxie wont die from that and Qilin usually never cares of such things. A little drop won’t kill Wuxie.

Not to mention they made Fatty such a useless character in the movie while he played major roles in the novel. And then the calls to Cox. Apparently Wu Xie made a “touching” remarks, that reverse the evil plot of Cox (amazingly, he did not even budge while he was in Changsha).

Then bla bla, story ended. Told ya, I’d skip just as much as the movie skips.

To sum the whole movie, it was very poorly made. The way I see it, the movie just simply forcing Bromance between Wu Xie and Qilin (Luhan and Jing Boran) to sell the movie. Since they picked Luhan as Wuxie, in my opinion, they are just trying to accommodate Luhan through that dance (THE dance to avoid trap–utterly ridiculous imo).

The best part of this movie if I have to choose is only Ning Ke. She really played the character as the femme fatale very well.


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