Up in the Wind (等风来) Review

Up in the Wind (等风来, in chinese means waiting for the wind to come) is a movie released back in 2013. I found out about the movie just recently through the OST (你飞到城市另一边). Immediately I fell in love with the song to which I described as classic and nostalgic.

It is probably easier to describe this movie as a movie filled with values. The story started off with Cheng, a journalist that was assigned to write an article in a travel magazine. She was sent to Nepal to write a mesmerising story about the place. Throughout the movie, while I may not know the true nature in journalism, I somehow believe that this part could be reflecting the truth about travel magazines. She was sent to the “worst” place (which described in the story) and she has to come up with the most beautiful articles to make the readers feel envious and would love to make the trip there themselves. This actually raises issue of moralities and integrity, as described in the movie as an analogy. When everyone sees the world covered with snow, they will say that its very pretty. But the truth is hidden beneath it, the land that is covered by the snow. Cheng was aware of that moral issues (shown in one of the flashback) and that journalism needs someone of integrity to show everyone the truth and not a fabricated story. The real question is, would you be lying to the world through that fabricated story to secure your articles in the magazine (aka to secure your job) or will you stay true to the rightful nature and write only the truth? It is a good question to ponder.

Undeniably, the story unfolds the darkest truth of the society nowadays. Pretenders, how you live to appease others, how the society should see you, and what should you do to survive the current societies. While I agree to each and every comments made inside the movie, I have to admit that most of it are against our lawful human nature. It is probably against my nature, moral and integrity. Another question was raised, will you do the same in the society or will you just, be yourself?

I am thoroughly impressed by how a 100 minutes movie can incorporate almost every single issues we are debating nowadays, everyday. Their visit to Nepal showcased religious aspect, which in this movie is buddhism and hinduism. While it may look like just a sightseeing, a certain incident caused uproar among the group during this part of the movie, which incorporate and teaches you to respect each and everyone’s belief and that there are certain line that no one should cross.


Within the last 30 minutes of the movie raised a question about dreams. What is your dream, which everyone probably can relate, to which, the main character answered, I don’t have a dream, as she put, dream is like a birthday wish. She recalled over her past dreams and how she put it high and over the time, when we grew older, our dream deteriorated to only one. In her case, to survive living in Shanghai alone. Probably for others, to survive the ever changing world, current economic situation and having suffice of everything till you die. Probably. She also rephrase the terms dream and call it wish, with hope that, even if you can’t achieve it, its doesn’t hit you that hard.

I found it very rhetoric when the male protagonist said, “If one day you do fly high, once you land, are you willing to become the original Cheng Tian Shuang” (her real name instead of Cheng Yu Meng). Something like, once you are at the top, will you or will you not be the real you (instead of pretending to be someone else). Being Cheng Tian Shuang, as previously mentioned, she did not put her hope high, to which she replied, “I don’t even know if that day will ever come (the day where she will fly high)”. 

Later on, to realise her dream to fly high, the male protagonist arranged paragliding at the top of the mountain. The picturesque view of that area actually make you forgot all the other parts in the movie. While you enjoy the scenery, the conversation took place between Cheng Tian Shuang and Wang Can. She said, “I am ready to fly, how long are we going to wait?”. Wang Can replied, “No matter how you want to rush forward, or how scared you are, we can’t do it now. There’s no use to run like mad, we won’t be able to fly high. Right now we can only sit back and wait for the wind to come.” Again the metaphor blows me away. What this part actually tells you is, no matter how well prepared we are for something, no matter how badly we want something, there is always a time for it. If its not the right time for it,  then nothing good will come out of it.


~yes it is that pretty~

The story ended with her mind is at peace with the thought of her visit. While I gotta admit the story is filled with so many different values and issues for thoughts, the story left you with so much more to be desired. Nobody knows what happened to Cheng Tian Shuang career except with the part where she received the text message, “can’t wait for you, use Xiao Lin’s article first”. Its amazing in this era of love and romance, the movie did not even touch that part (which I believe the reason why it did not received good ratings).

The values and issues for thoughts that have been raised may be a good food for thought, however I would stress that again, that the movie left so much to be desired. Perhaps the director left us to play with our mind on what actually happened. Some might not enjoy to play speculating game especially with stuff unresolved. But then again, maybe the story is just the sides, what actually they wanted to show is what you can get from it. It is a matter of what you want and how you want to see it. I enjoy both the story and also the values it carries. It would be amazing if they could perhaps conclude the story line.

也许。。。 他们等风来。

Perhaps… They too, are waiting for the wind to come.


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